7.1 Channel Sound Adapter in USB format


usb_sound_card.jpgRemember the good old days when a sound card was considered to be a luxury purchase? While your friends with Sound Blasters or Sound Blaster Pros managed to eke out just about double the fun piloting an X-Wing with all the explosions and screams of TIE fighters ringing around in a dogfight, you had to endure the cold, stony silence of keyboard taps and joystick button clicks. Come to think of it, that’s how it was supposed to be anyway. Space is a vacuum, and we all know that sound doesn’t travel through vacuum. I digress – sound cards have since come a long way and today, most motherboards come with integrated sound cards, but if you want to go one up on the generic integrated soundchip, why not plug in this USB-powered Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter?

In laymen’s terms, the Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter is basically a sound card in a USB device form factor, making it extremely convenient to carry around as you might not know which PC you use along the way would be missing some sound. Since it produces virtual 7.1 surround sound, you will enjoy the aural experience much more than a 5.1 set up. It’s small size doesn’t mean it has limited abilities, as it also comes with a 3.5mm port for you to plug in your headphones or stereo speakers for top notch sound.

In addition, you can also hook up your microphone to the Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter and use it in tandem with a whole host of other voice chatting software such as MSN and Skype without missing a beat. Other features include the pre-loaded 3D Sound Simulation Software that offers several other audio functions such as microphone echo, magic voice, key shifty, and vocal canceling. The Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter retails for £19.95.

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