TuneView for iPod finally arrives

tuneview.jpgThe TuneView iPod dock is not as ordinary as its other brethren which flood the accessory market at the moment, as it enables you to remotely manage both your music and video on your iPod once it is docked. All you need to do is to connect the TuneView dock to a stereo and/or TV (depending on your iPod’s capabilities) while being connected to an electrical outlet as it doesn’t have hamsters running around in a wheel to generate electricity. Once you’re done, you can then use the included TuneView remote control that uses the 2.4Ghz radio frequency signal to transmit commands as long as you are within the radius of 150 feet.

Pressing buttons on the remote control will cause the dock to query the iPod on what information is required, transmitting this data back to the remote. An integrated color LCD display and 10 buttons on the remote makes browsing and controlling your iPod from a distance a cinch, although you might lose out a bit when it comes to ease-of-use without the presence of a Click Wheel. The manufacturer claims that you will be able to eke out the best performance on the remote as long as you remain within a 75 feet radius of the dock.

The TuneView for iPod does not only work with your home entertainment setup, but it is compatible with the PC or Mac as well. Amongst the many iPods that are compatible with the TuneView include all 4G and 5G iPods with a dock connector, the 1G and 2G iPod nano, 3G iPods, and the now defunct iPod mini. The $179 price is pretty reasonable and would make a great gift your any couch potato whom you know.