Hello! It’s SONICLIVING! Who’s playing nearby,, in your playlist!

by Fred

That’s right, you can find out what groups are playing near you simply by delving into your itunes playlists with sonicliving!!

I found out from a good friend, they’re just now opening up to the public (the private beta is over). So it’s all for one and let’s show up at the show where that local band we like is playing a gig with that band that’s blowing up all over and watch a show!!!

I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s this, is it magic? Sorcery? Evil Doings? How could someone know what bands I like?! Well its right there in your playlists silly, these geniuses have found a way to put you where your ears have been for years, live and up front (ok, they don’t pay for tickets but they do let you know when you can get them!)

It’s worth a check and a signup to see what this great new app has to offer.

Most importantly they’ve got a ton of listings for London, which, if I take my bike to the bart station, where I will take a $3.95 ride to the airplane. Then get on a plane and fly to london, in 6 to 10 hours I could be there jamming with all of you!! Then again, maybe I’ll just stay here in the bay area and watch any one of the measly 2,490 shows listed (not the whopping 11,501 events listed for London!)

Either way this looks like the next wave in live music finding (is that a term?!)

It works with a bunch of calendar programs and blogging too: MySpace Profile, Yahoo/Google Calendar, iCal, Mozilla, so like everything! Can’t wait till they link to alerts on your mobile too!
See you at the show!!!

Thanks Dan for the heads up!

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