Rocking Horse that costs a bomb


rocking-horse.jpgThe peasants (that’s us non-blue blooded people) love to read up about the royal family as well as celebrate any occasion concerning them, which is why the Queen’s Golden Jubilee was selected to be an excuse the event used to launch the aptly-named Golden Jubilee Rocking Horse. Based on a 1910 design that was originally conceived and brought to life by the larger-than-life F.H. Ayers, this masterpiece of a rocking horse is truly an heirloom that could be passed down to the next generation as an inheritance.

There are only 50 of these available in the world, and each rocking horse is lovingly hand-carved by the Stevenson Brothers of Bethersden, England fame. Their family are well known in making traditional rocking horses for over half a century, ensuring this 5′ long horse is made to endure the test of time. Features include a coach spring suspension system that offers a bounch and stride that closely resembles a horse’s gait rather than the standard back-and-forth rocking motion. You also get real English horse hair for the mane and tail, while North American tulip wood is used to make the rest of the body.

You will have to contact the customer service division of Hammacher to find out if the Golden Jubilee Rocking Horse is still up for grabs as it is currently listed as “Sold out due to the popularity of this item”. We’re not sure how a $12,999.95 luxury item could be popular as I haven’t seen any of these in the humongous mansions featured on MTV’s Crib. Perhaps they haven’t restocked it since the last of these Rocking Horses were sold to an artifact collector residing somewhere in Siberia.

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