Parrot Photo Viewer aka Digital Frame

by Tiago

Parrot Photo Viewer aka Digital Frame

If all the previous digital frames we have mentioned are not good enough for you, maybe one produced by Parrot – a popular French company that makes bluetooth products for cars and home use – will make you feel better.

Sadly, it doesn’t feature Wi-Fi and the great RSS detail for Flickr (like this one) that most people admire, but it can still be considered an average digital photo frame.

The Parrot Photo Viewer has a high resolution LCD screen that can display 320 x 234 pixels and up to (the normal) 264k colors. It can only handle images with a .JPEG format which can be good or bad taking in consideration your point of view and how you want to use the digital frame, if you thought about using some cool .gif images instead of normal photos just forget about it.

Since the frame works with bluetooth to receive data, you can be taking photos with your cellphone on the afternoon and placing them on the frame during the night just by making a small transfer, the distance limit is 10 meters for the bluetooth receiver to work.

One feature that other products of the same kind don’t have, is being able to view/use the photo/frame on a landscape or portrait position. Depending on the aspect of the photo some look better in vertical than horizontal position, so it is good to know there are those 2 options. In the storage capacity, it is low with only 32MB, while the processor is a ARM 9 with 64MB of SDRAM .

The Parrot Digital Frame costs (only) $275.

[found at TRFJ]

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