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gameready.jpgEver had a bruising encounter at the gym where you failed to connect your kick to the sandbag properly, only to land awkwardly and twisting that ankle? Even when you try to continue by breaking through the pain barrier in order to impress those busty ladies on the treadmill, your poor ankle is undergoing unprecedented stress and is all fired up to give you hell like you’ve never felt before the next morning. The Game Ready is here to help retain your manliness and return you to full fitness soonest possible by lending a modern, technological angle to the age-old adage “keep it cold and keep it compressed”.

The Game Ready is touted to bring speedy surgery recorvery as well as benefit those who are suffering from sore and swelled spots, with a machine at the heart of the action. This particular machine will pump cold water through customized attachments that are wrapped around your affected limbs tightly as if it were some form of blood pressure machine in an effort to numb the pain. It also does away with the cons of using an ice pack, with the threat of frostbite non-existent should it be left on for too long a time.

Seth Porges of Crunchgear has taken the Game Ready for a run a few weeks ago and claimed that it felt as if a cold snake was crawling over his leg, so those who have a psychological fear of slimy reptiles ought to avoid this at all costs. The Game Ready is currently being used by professional sports bodies such as the NFL, the WWE, as well as other sports teams, underlining its proven effectiveness to the skeptic.

Source: Crunchgear

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