Your very own portable ice rink

by Mike

Pretty much every kid has wished they had their own personal ice rink during the winter, some may have even gone so far as to break out the hose and try to ice their driveway, much to the annoyance of their parents. Don’t try that last one, it ends up not giving you enough ice, but it does give you enough to slip about a hundred times. Now you can get your own kid, or maybe yourself, a portable, storable ice rink for use in the winter, it doesn’t even require tools to set up.

The rink just takes a couple of consecutive days of freezing temperatures to be skater-ready. And you don’t need a super flat backyard for this, the design can accommodate dips and other oddities in your yard. During a freak increase of temperature, the framing system will keep all the water in. A vinyl underlining protects your poor, poor grass, and the rigid PVC framework prevents cuts to the rinks’ frame. If your grass somehow manages to cut the vinyl, fear not, as a repair kit is included. Painted into the rink are the blue and red lines, familiar to any hockey lover.

Your rink can be as small as 15 feet, or as large as 37. Prices start at $200 but go as high as $600. Anybody living in frequent cold weather (Canada anyone?) with a hockey/skating loving kid with a big backyard should check the Portable Back Yard Ice Rink out, it’s pretty sweet. I want one, but with it being 70 degrees today in December, I don’t think it’ll get much use.

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Rich Says: December 1, 2006 at 11:23 pm

it looks fun but if your like me and live in alaska how do you fill it up without freezing and busting your water pipes

Jimmie McKannis Says: April 19, 2007 at 10:16 am

I built this backyard porta rinks for my kids this company has a great product! I have also seen lots of other port rinks sold from Nice Rink and RinkRake and BackyardIceRinks lots of good companies but this rinx setup is truly portable and easy as pie to setup and take down. I highly recommend getting one of these portarinks I think they also call them ice and go rinx they are built with pvc pipe and a great liner. The Nice Rinx company also sells a porta rinx product but theirs uses a special bracket rather than the PVC pipe used by the company in Canada, they are Farly Tech I had to contact them about some replacement parts. I think Nice Rink also sells a lawn mower for the ice the thing is an ice mower to mow down the bumps just like ice mowers and edgers they use in the NHL!

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