Sumo Robots size each other up

dna-robots.jpgRemember the R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers? Those were cute, with eternal grins plastered all over their mugs. Apparently, robots want in on some sumo fun as well with these R2-D2 lookalikes that go head-to-head (or wheel-to-wheel, depending on how you look at it) in a circular ring. Whoever knocks over his opponent first is a winner, and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun with this great party game (especially more so when you have incorporated some drinking elements inside). Each set is known as the DNA Robot Wars, and a pair will retail for £49.95, making it a budget Christmas gift that will definitely bring a smile on the face of its intended recipient.

The DNA Robots are controlled by an infrared controller that is capable of instructing the respective robots to learn up special attack and evasion moves to make the competition an even tighter affair that it already is. Apparently, the more times your robot wins, the better it becomes, hence the higher its chances of lasting yet another bruising encounter. The ring is unique as it comes with built-in speakers that are capable of ringing out shouts of support, making it all the more realistic.

After a few rounds of victories, you can download codes from the Internet to programme special moves into your robot via a special barcode reader. Unfortunately, you will have to fork out quite a fortune for batteries as the DNA Robot thrives on a couple of NiMH rechargeable batteries while the charger takes up a trio of AA batteries and each remote control requires three AAA batteries to function. Overall an extremely neat and fun game that does not get boring as the DNA Robots are constantly learning new moves.