Optimus Mini 3

by Tiago

Optimus Mini 3

For the fans of the Optimus Keyboard it is not shocking to see a keyboard that has editable images on the keys that change with the software being used, but to people unfamiliar with the device it can be a good shocking experience. To get that effect to last longer I present you the Optimus mini 3, it is like a twin brother of the keyboard but like the name suggests, it’s only a mini with three keys.

There are plenty of features you can create with the 3 keys, besides being able to assign an image (animated or not) to each key, you can still do the following:

  • start a program, instead of going to “Start -> All Programs” you can just press the key and get the software running
  • Set it as a keyboard combination – the people that copy/paste a lot would love to use this as it saves time and work, instead of always having to type “Control + c” and “Control + v”, they would just need to press 1 key at a time. Besides the copy and paste example there must be other good examples, like the shortcut keys at Photoshop or something similar
  • Visualize the system status – it displays a graphic of the CPU Usage
  • Display the webcam image
  • Control software like IE, Word, Windows Media Player, Outlooks Express and more
  • Display the time and weather

The Optimus mini uses small OLED screens to show off those images, each square screen measures 20mm x 20mm and has a resolution of 96 x 96 pixels. These Optimus devices (mini + keyboard) create a good duo, right? The mini only costs $233!

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