LA Auto Design Challenge

by Dan

The Los Angeles Auto Show is kicking off this Friday, and it will run through December 10th. A very interesting part of the show is the Design challenge which features innovative car concepts from the largest auto companies. The cars will be judged based on four parameters: design creativity, safety, environmental compatibility and reflection of the Southern California eco-friendly lifestyle (don’t ask me what the last one is supposed to mean…). Below you will find the nine cars that are participating on this year’s contest:

acura.jpg1) Acura FCX 2020 Le Mans: made completely with recyclable parts this Acura used molecular nanotechnology to make the car more compact and efficient. The car was obviously tested on the endurance race “The 24 hours of Le Mans”.

audi.jpg2) Audi Dynamic Space Frame: Audi tried to innovate with the usage of the materials. The car features fluid and electrical channels both going within the frame and it includes a hydraulic fluid drive instead of the traditional driveshaft.

hummer.jpg3) Hummer O2: one of the most creative designs. “Powered by a fuel cell, the Hummer breathes through a revolutionary phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.”

honda.jpg4) Honda Extreme: a two-passenger sports car targeted at fans of extreme sports. The cabin looks like a pod, and the interiors can be modified to suit the owner’s requirements.

kia.jpg5) Kia Sandstorm: the perfect car for people that are always partying at the beach. Packed with a barbecue-friendly storage it also has a solar-powered cooling system and detachable bins.

mb.jpg6) Mercedes-Benz Recy: powered by a four-cylinder bio-diesel motor the car was created using wood, glass and rubber. The complete recyclability of the car allowa owners to exchange damaged parts easily.

mini.jpg7) Mini-Bimoke: the car features an open air cockpit so that passenger can “enjoy Southern California’s temperature climate.” The body of the car was create using biodegradable panels impregnated with palm tree seeds.

toyota.jpg8) Toyota RLV: “Pedal power is the solution to heavily congested LA traffic for Toyota’s Renewable Lifestyle vehicle concept” (the Flintstones are coming back or what?).

vw.jpg9) Volkswagen Nanospyder: another car using nanotechnology. The vehicle, according to the manufacturer, can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled at microscopic level. This process should also increase the robustness of the cars.

Reference: LA Design Challenge

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