Robot with many hats


robotis.jpgMost robotic kits that we see in the market these days are pretty simple as they come pre-fitted from the factory, ready to be played with out of the box. All you need to do is insert some batteries, and perhaps run a program off a CD for the more complex offerings and you’re good to go. Not the Bioloid Multi-Bot Robot Kit though – this bad boy ships in it’s most basic format and arrives naked in this world just like us, but it does have a cool array of limbs that can be fitted in any way you like ala Lego bricks in order to create more than just a bi-pedal humanoid Transformer-like robot.

The Bioloid Multi-bot Robot Kit comes with Smart Serially Controlled Servos that make it a cinch for an imaginative user to come up with a wide variety of robotic selections from the above mentioned bi-pedal humanoid to other more exotic creations like a dinosaur, a pup, a spider/Dragoon-like creature, an excavator, and even a Mechwarrior clone. All these individual creations are programmable via the included software and can perform complex or simple movements, depending on your level of programming expertise.

This unique robot also comes with a built-in webcam that can recognize and greet people whose images have been programmed inside, giving it a more personal touch. You can pick up the Robotis Bioloid Multi-bot Robot Kit for $899, which isn’t exactly the cheapest toy available on the planet but it will give those cerebral kids (and adults) something to mull over this Christmas instead of sitting in front of the TV and being absorbed into the world of High Definition gaming.

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