Connectv Football brings soccer action into living room

plug-n-play-football.jpgNearly every kid in Britain looks forward to those Saturday afternoon kick offs at stadiums all over the country to see their favorite soccer stars in action, and would love to be in the shoes boots of someone earning an obscene £50,000 a week. It is then that they can pick up cool gadgets like the 100″ Home Video Arcade Center without blinking an eye, and get the entire neighborhood gifts for Christmas while having enough left over to purchase an exotic sports car after saving up for a few months. Unfortunately, not everybody has the skills required to make it to the top level, but you can still have your soccer fun minus the adoration of female groupies who want to have your babies with the Connectv Football game.

This realistic soccer game offers a pretty entertaining gaming experience – all you need to do is to plug it into the video input on your TV and you’re good to go. Execute spectacular free kicks that would put Beckham to shame from the warm comfort of your own home without any prior training, or even nutmeg the goalkeeper with your dazzling dribbling skills. How do you exactly play this thing? The concept is pretty interesting as the gamer will have to wear the special shin pad that comes with integrated sensors all over.

Moving around with the shin pad strapped on will enable the ball to monitor your movements and translate them into the game itself. You can choose from three game modes – penalties, free kicks, or dribbling. Go against the computer AI or head to head with a friend the in two-player mode. Looks like you’re going to have to clear some space around the living room before getting into the action. The Connectv Football game costs £39.95 and will definitely put a smile on any young boy’s face when he discovers it underneath a Christmas tree.