Roll your own Toast, designer style. A new award winning toaster design that Rocks!

by Fred

Normally, I hate concepts. Either things are research, or they are in production, don’t taunt me with things that aren’t real, or aren’t going to be real, real soon!

Toaster Roller

This concept is definitely on it’s way to reality though, so I guess I’m ok. It’s for a well, “Rollertoaster” This is one of the smartest things to happen to toast since the “Sliced Bread Incident” so many years ago (and look how well that went!)

Jaren Goh, a designer from Singapore is the brainchild designer behind this beautiful little creation. I really do suggest you visit his site, (it’s rather well done!) Here’s Jaren Goh’s site.
We all have toasters, but they take up space, and don’t offer a clue to how well they’re toasting. We can only sit and wonder,, doh I have lightly golden toast, or could this possibly look like ash from a nearby volcano upon it’s return to the land above the caldera of the toaster! You never know and there is no immediacy. With this design you get both.

I think by far my favorite aspect is the space savings, and likely the efficient cleanup as well. As opposed to regular toasters, including the deLonghi we got for our wedding (thanks Debbie!) Though it looks great (and actu

ally works rather well too) it takes up a lot of space.

As we live in a small place in Northern California counter space is at a premium, The footprint of this piece saves counter space, can be pulled into position and plugged in, utilized, and easily returned to a little hidey hole space on the counter toaster at amazon

I really tend to like the rollertoaster concept over previous ideas like these glass toasters

Thanks Boing Boing and Amazon (yes you can buy the one on the top)

mmm, toast. Come on what’s your fave? (I’m a sourdough guy)
Thanks Core77 for the link on the rollertoaster!glass toaster 2

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