Promoting the Plasma

by Dan

plasma.jpgThree large electronics manufacturers joined forces to promote the plasma technology across Europe. Matsushita (Panasonic), Hitachi and Pioneer are driving the initiative which started with a market research to discover how the consumer perceive LCD and plasma screens.

Most of the results of the market research can be found on the site The tagline of the website is “We are not saying plasma TV is better. You are.”. Check out some of the statistics that they highlight:

  • 65% favor plasma over LCD for best color quality
  • 61% say plasma delivers the best sharpness quality
  • 62% indicates that plasma has the best response time
  • 72% deem plasma to have the best black quality performance
  • It is clear that those companies want to raise the awareness of the plasma technology since they are investing billions of dollars to get their products out of the manufacturing unit. The website looks a little bit biased though, if you check out some of the images that are used as example of an LCD and a plasma television you can see that the LCD one presents an unusual low resolution.

    The site is nonetheless interesting because it has plenty of information regarding the two technologies and it also clarifies some myths related to flat screen panels. As mentioned before the statistics are based on a market research that was conducted by a company called Synovate. They interviewed over 600 consumers across the United Kingdom, France and Germany under a certified domestic use.


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Tiago Says: November 29, 2006 at 7:05 pm

One of the problems with Plasma TVs is that they have to be recharged after some time (think months or years depending of how you use them) and it is not cheap…

The site looks a bit biased as you said, but that was expectable 🙂

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