Nike Amp+ coming our way

nikeamp.jpgWhen Nike and Apple first went to bed together, the product of their union was the Nike+iPod Sports Kit which was able to gather various data such as the distance, amount of calories burnt, running time, and pace of the user thanks to a wireless Bluetooth module that was inserted under the heel of a Nike+ compatible sports shoe that communicates with the transceiver plugged into an iPod nano. Both companies aim to add yet another offering to their exercise line-up by bringing us the Nike Amp+, a wireless wristband device that empowers runners to control their iPods without staining the Click Wheel with their sweat-soaked fingers.

The Nike Amp+ will set you back by $80, which is more than double the price of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, but convenience often comes at a price. This device is actually a wrist-mounted Bluetooth remote that comes with an illuminated LED display which is hidden beneath the face of the bracelet. The LED display enables runners to look through their playlist on the iPod as well as check on their running times in a fast and easy manner. Fumbling around is now a thing of the past as you can glean all that information with just a single glance like with a watch.

Men’s Health reports that the Nike Amp+ might come with a heart rate monitor – a function that is one of the most frequently requested when it came to the Nike+iPod system. Hopefully this device will be released sometime before Christmas so that we can pick one up for our family and friends. It will definitely be put to good use after all the gorging that occurs over the holiday season. Alternatively, they can always pick up a Wii and burn those extra pounds away by flailing their arms.

Source: Ubergizmo