Canon HV10 HD – a very small camcorder

Canon HV10 HD

I love how the creative PR people get to always call “world’s first” at every product a big company launches which is what Canon did, it is kind of cool and marks a difference from the rest of the products (not).

Anyhow, the new (launched last week) camcorder from Canon is named HV10 HD and since the size is what really matters, lets just say the camera measures 2.2 x 4.1 x 4.2 which is actually pretty small indeed, but consequently this smallness makes the camera have a small LCD screen inside, measuring only 2.7-inches.

It seems like the good specifications and features aren’t affected by the small size, the HV10 can record with a 1920×1080 resolution and directly on a DigitalVideo tape.

On one of the most important features of a camcorder – zoom – the latest Canon recorder device continues to show the same high quality as before. It has a 10x optical zoom along with a 200x digital zoom and 3 fixed speeds. The other important detail on camcorders is the focus, in this case there is a choice for going automatic and let the machine do the work; or picking manual focus and you get the work. I bet this focus feature is present on all the recent camcorders, but I had to comment it to show how good it is.

Two interesting points:

  • All the data you record will be stored on the required miniSD cards
  • Besides being a camcorder it can take photos as well with 3.1megapixels

The HV10 HD costs around $1,000. For the size and performance I don’t think it is expensive, but it all depends of the use you make of it.

[via – MobileMag]

2 thoughts on “Canon HV10 HD – a very small camcorder”

  1. “All the data you record will be stored on the required miniSD cards”. No, it isn’t. The “data” (video, anyways) is stored on regular DV tape. Photos are stored on a flash card.

    The biggest knock on the camera is the lack of an Microphone input. You’re taking HD video with AM Radio sound. 🙁

  2. Thanks for that link to the footage, Tom. I’m scrounging around on the web looking for informed reviews — trying to get educated before I drop all this money on an HD cam. I found the review above pretty helpful (thanks guys!) as well as the one at Media 3.0 .

    I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the Canon HV10.

    – Rachel

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