Yes it blows, but you’ll never hear it! The Cough Silencer.

by Fred

For 24.99$ US and shipping you can kiss the sound of that nagging cough goodbye!

That’s the promise of a new product being sold by Cabellas.

You might ask,”What’s a cough silencer?”

“Why is it camouflage?”

“Where would anyone use such a thing?”

and just possibly what’s a “Cabellas

We’ll start with last things first. Cabellas is a wonderful store/mail order/online catalog of hunting fishing and outdoors supplies. They’re like REI, only they have 12 gauges, fishing rods and boats with outboard motors. Also most of the clothes are camo as well. They have wonderful service in their actual stores (those of you hunters who are Cabellas fans can totally back me up here).

Now back to the silencer itself.

Considering that a LOT of hunting is done in the cold, as quietly as you can, and the likelihood of contracting something that makes you cough is pretty high. Here’s how to deal with it.

With the cough silencer, all your hacking troubles are gone. While sitting in a blind, floating on a boat, or simply stalking a mountain goat. You’re sure to bag the large animal you’re stalking without surprising it.

The sad thing for this product is, that if indeed it is that successful at silencing a cough, there would be many more uses for it.

Just imagine having one come with a box of kleenex! Now the next time you cough you put a kleenex over it, cough into it, and rather than annoy the whole office, or heaven forbid, wake the baby!

Basically, this is a great simple piece of technology that should (whether it does or not we’ll see) be used in a lot of non-hunting situations.

How hard would it be to change the color (one in silver, one in black) and do a high styled model that is acceptable for home and office. Even asleep next to your significant other, I can see the ads now, “the cough silencer, because you love her” some poor guy hacking his lungs up while his beautiful wife and golden retriever slept on blissfully.

Hey Cabellas, I’ve put it out there! Now get to work!!!

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