Poop soap

nopeitssoap1.jpgThe name of the product says it all… “Nope… It’s soap!”. The capuccino scented soap looks like a dog’s poop, but it is not. The manufacturer guarantees that every “pile” of the product is hand-made and 100% unique. Moreover they assure that only the best raw materials are used…

Now for those of you wondering what uses a soap that looks like poop could have the website offers a couple of suggestions:

  • Leave on the carpet just to see what happens (won’t squish in anyone’s shoes)
  • Exfoliating properties of the coffee make it a great shop/utility sink soap
  • A MUST to wash out that Potty-Mouth in your life!
  • Fun (if not a little demented) for kids in the bath
  • Packaged in 6″x 4″ resealable bag
  • Outstanding fun in the Office! (Can you say “Holiday Office Party?”)
  • No better wedding gift (what?)
  • Great gag gift
  • By the way, if you come up with more creative ways to use the poop soap just take a picture and send it to the manufacturer, if they find it interesting they will put it on the website and ship you a free package of the product. There are no shipping charges for people purchasing via their website and a package of the “Nope… It’s Soap” goes for $7,99.

    Product Website

    Via: Gizmodo