Speed up your video encoding

instantvideo-to-go.jpgMany of us already carry around an iPod Video or a Sony PSP, and more often than not we keep ourselves entertained with games, music, and movies on those multimedia-enabled devices. Popping in a game or listening to audio is pretty easy, but video is an issue where transferring your favorite holiday experiences to the small screen could take up way too much time, and the impatient world around us is one that simply cannot wait long enough. Enter the InstantVideo To Go device – this unique peripheral might look like a USB TV dongle with a single glance, but it actually performs a totally different function.

The InstantVideo To Go is actually a H.264 hardware accelerator that takes the load off the computer’s processor while performing H.264 video encoding, speeding up this process significantly that you could soon be running your very own website selling home videos to people all over the world. To get a rough idea of how much time you save, let us have a look at how the InstantVideo To Go performs when converting a 100 minute video to 320 x 240 resolution H.264 from Vob. Initial tests show that that normally takes 400 minutes for software to encode (that’s 6 hours and 40 minutes for the mathematically challenged), while enlisting the InstantVideo To Go’s help takes a mere 20 minutes.

One word of caution though – conventional wisdom says that you will most probably have to use the encoding software included with each purchase of the InstantVideo To Go. Other than that minor niggle, you can’t really go wrong with this unique peripheral for $79.99 a pop.

Source: EverythingUSB