Souped-down Aibo clone makes appearance


teksta.jpgI’m not too sure why there are some people who love to have an electronic pet running loose around the house. The look of something mechanized which cannot even perform basic tricks like bringing me the morning paper or playing dead is something I cannot identify with, but apparently there are certain quarters who prefer the convenience of a robotic pet. The only pros I can think of is not having to bring robotic pet around for walks and scooping up after its poop, while you can silence it at night automatically by turning it off.

The Teksta V2 Robotic Puppy shares a striking resemblance to Sony’s spayed discontinued Aibo and comes at the fraction of the latter’s price, but it is certainly not as smart and does not boast a whole lot of features. After all, you really do get what you pay for. The Teksta V2 is equipped with voice recognition technology, enabling it to respond to the owner’s beck and call, while touch and light sensors play a vital role in day to day owner/robotic pet interaction.

Cute little Teksta V2 is capable of telling you how it is feeling at the moment by lighting up its eyes, wagging its tail, and wiggling its ears while making pre-recorded puppy sounds to taunt you that while you gain an inch or two around your burgeoning belly each year, it still prances around nimbly without aging. Each purchase comes with a handheld translator that enables you to identify with the Teksta V2 and what it is trying to convey to you through various barks, whimpers, and whining. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, the Teksta V2 Robotic Puppy retails for £36.75.

Source: Ubergizmo

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