How to get free songs from iTunes until 3 of December – only to people from the UK

by Tiago

Free songs from iTunes

It looks easy to market a product and have a greater probability of people buying it when it comes to Apple, with this being said they have started a new campaign on the UK to promote iTunes (subliminal message to buy iPod).

Apple has the Picadilly Circus and Coca-Cola as partners, on the circus location there is a giant (?) billboard that was always owned by Coca-Cola until this year. Anyway, the panel will flash a keyword, and when that time comes the people going to the circus only have to send a SMS to 85100 and will instantly get a freebie, which means at least one song for free on iTunes.

How to get free songs from iTunes until 3 of December – only to people from the UK:

  • To take advantage of this abnormal project and get free songs on iTunes, just become friends with someone that works at the Picadilly Circus and ask him/her to text message you the keywords whenever they pop up
  • Another alternative is to visit the Circus and pay £5 to the guy that cleans the elephants shit to send you the keywords
  • The next step is to create a website that has the updated keywords and promote it all over the UK
  • There is a limit of 3 songs per day but some can come with a bonus of +10 or +100, and even more
  • If done right, this means thousands of free iTunes songs for thousands of people

Their other idea for the promotion is to offer five free songs for whoever goes to the circus and shows his glossy iPod to the Apple reps, this only happens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the promo period.

If only the Zune people got this idea first…

[source about the Apple promo via t3; idea to get free itunes song via my imagination and brain]

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