Yet another iPod dock


ibeam.jpgWith so many iPod speaker docks available in the market these days, it is getting harder and harder to make an intelligent purchasing decision since most of them come with the same specifications, leaving only the design to influence whether you part with your hard-earned money or not. Sharper Image has in stock the sensational iBeam Speaker System that looks somewhat like Cyclops’ (of X-Men fame) visor. Boasting a futuristic design in a horizontal position, the iBeam Speaker System is guaranteed to spruce up your home, whether you live in a luxurious penthouse or a humble cottage.

Even the audio qualities of the iBeam is slightly above par, featuring SRS WoW technology that offers a much more realistic surround sound experience. Just in case you run out of tunes on your iPod, there is always the built-in AM/FM tuner with a dozen channel presets to keep you grooving to the tunes of a local music station while catching up on news shorts. Additional features include a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to look at under low light conditions and the presence of an auxiliary input cable that makes the iBeam Speaker System virtually compatible with any other audio equipment.

The iBeam Speaker System is virtually compatible with any dockable iPod model courtesy of the integrated Universal Dock. This also means your iPod gets charged while you’re dancing away to some music. Before you make a purchase, make sure you have at least 18″ of shelf space to accommodate the iBeam Speaker System. It retails for an affordable $169.95, and can be enhanced by picking up the optional Woofi Subwoofer for an additional $49.95.

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