Verté chair for better posture

verte-chair.jpgWe bloggers are a miserable bunch. Within the next 10 years or so, chances are you’ll see us hobbling around with a crooked back, our fingers ache like as if they were in the fiery pits of hell itself, and our glasses are thick enough to rival the Hubble telescope. Out of these three, we can alleviate at least one of the dire consequences by using the right kind of office furniture by purchasing the Verté chair from Anthro. This unique chair might look as if it was conceived from the mind of H. R. Geiger himself with different spine-lookalikes protruding from the back, but they’re there for a very good reason.

The Verté chair comes with a gel-filled leather seat that does not lose its shape over time, eleven torsion spring-loaded bearing joints with brushed aluminum back supports, a trio of integrated levels that enables you to adjust the height and tilt levels according to your preference, a padded two-way adjustable head rest for maximum comfort, and removable padded T-arms and a brushed aluminum star base with 60mm chrome casters that provide maximum smoothness whenever you want to roll across the floor.

The conforming spines behind come in handy to teach your long suffering back muscles the proper seating position, locked in to your ideal sitting stance. Each Verté chair will set you back by $1,500 a pop, but when you think about the great looking posture that will automatically draw the gaze of chicks to your direction, that would be money well spent instead of a hawked-up price of a PlayStation 3 on eBay.

2 thoughts on “Verté chair for better posture”

  1. Sat in this chair at NeoCon in Baltimore, MD last year (it’s an industry trade show for office furniture). It’s surprisingly beautiful to see this in person and really comfortable to sit in. I wanted one badly.

  2. I purchased one of these chairs. It’s comfortable to recline in, but for sitting at my desk and working, it doesn’t seem to provide support in the right places. It makes my lower shoulders hurt. It’s very cool looking, but not all that functional. Spend your money elsewhere.

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