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grill-n-chill.jpgThe chilling touch of winter might be upon us, but you never quite know when and where you could end up in a hungry situation where you just have to have a grilled hamburger while hitting the road (yes, you have George Foreman blood running through your veins and missed out on picking up a PS3). Enter the Grill-n-Chill Tailgating Grill – an interesting appliance that not only eliminates salmonella and all forms of nasty bacteria from raw food with the heat generated, it is also quite capable of keeping you entertained with what the local airwaves offer.

The Tailgating Grill boasts a 24,000 BTU searing and burning grill complete with automotive hook-ups and it comes with push-button electronic ignition as well, doing away with the need for lighter fluid and firestarters. To round off the list, the Tailgating Grill features an integrated AM/FM tuner as well as a CD player (what, no MP3 in this day and age?) to keep you grooving while flipping burgers and sausages. The pair of built-in 180 watt JBL Marine Stereo speakers are guaranteed to pump out some pretty impressive tunes, so it makes for a great addition to any party, be it by the pool or in the middle of nowhere.

The Tailgating Grill can be mounted on the back of your SUV or Truck thanks to the hitch adapter with stabilizer design, although we wouldn’t recommend you carrying this 385 pound monster all by yourself. It even adds the safety feature of 3-way LED taillights that indicate whether you are stopping, braking, or turning so the vehicle behind won’t get too distracted by figuring out why is there a grill hanging by the back of your vehicle. Pick one up today for $2999.99.

Source: Ubergizmo

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