Droog Archimedes Letter Scale, liquidy tech, works perfectly, with zero volts

by Fred

Droog letter scale, from greener grass design developed by Arnout Visser is a new,Droog letter scale

and wonderful way to do all that heavy duty letter weighing work you’re doing.

Thanks to a tip from the folks at uncrate, we spied this lurking in the fields of good/simple design.

The reason this really stuck out to me, is the same reason that you lust for an ipod.  It is simple, effective, and clever.

Far too many devices nowadays have too many functions, when they simply do not need them.  Furthermore, devices have to little of, what to me is my favorite element, cleverness.

This of course begs the question, what is cleverness.  I believe it has to do with surprise and  unique experiences.  These two elements are so wonderful, and can be what makes the extra difference between regular, and amazing.

The ipod’s initial offering (think back kiddies!) was of a 5 gigabyte device with a great screen and an entirely new interface.  These three unique components combined with the astounding power of itunes changed the way we all looked at digital music players.  Prior to that point in time, MP3’s were found in esoteric places, purloined from various online locales, (ahh the heady days of Napster), or legally purchased from one of the many odd early sellers of online media.

With these new features (again with a lot of feature, but don’t worry, my message comes around).  The cleverness was in the simple integration of the entire experience.  Rather than look for parts of the experience, (go buy batteries, hunting around for media, now a user could come home, charge the unit, and hit a button to get new media, simply and easily.  This entirely changed the user experience and ushered in such a level of simplicity and inegration with the online and offline world, that we now complain and use iTunes as teh standard when uttering “why doesn’t it work like?”  They have managed to simplify the hassle of digital music completely, and thus alter the experience in a fundamentally new way.
The simplicity shown here in this letter scale shows the “other type” of cleverness.  With surprise, water and air pressure are used in perfect balance to do a simple job in a beautiful manner.  All inside a beautiful pyrex case.  The group that designed it are truly to be commended on their work for the shape, style, and operation of this letter scale.  Ohh and the advantage that it is simply gorgeous helps too!
So much so that I want one!!!!

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