Pocket Viewer for aging eyes


pocket-viewer.jpgHere’s the next big thing in handheld magnification – the Pocket Viewer from First Street, purveyor of all things in life that make it much more enjoyable. It is a given fact that the older people get, the more maladies they are saddled with. Joints start to creak and ache, their brain starts to wind down (where did I put my keys again?), they seem to suffer from a gradual loss of hearing, and for some others, their eyes start to fail them. This is evident by the number of books that come in large print to cater for the older crowd, while these very same people use the largest font size in their Web browser running on an 800 x 600 resolution.

The Pocket Viewer does not work like other pocket magnifiers as it uses camera-style technology in order to bring you a level of clarity, brightness, and contrast that cannot be found on other handhelds. You get a whooping 7x magnification and a well-lit display which is conducive for reading, writing, and viewing exactly what you want wherever you are. The diminutive size ensures it can be carried around with you anywhere you go. There are three different viewing options to choose from – white on black view, a black on white view, and a full color view for viewing photos and illustrations.

Young people should not pooh-pooh at the Pocket Viewer either as it could save them from potential pitfalls the next time they sign a contract. Remember, the fine print might be finer than you think. Pick one up for yourself and bring it to the lawyer’s office the next time, and see your lawyer try to weasel you out from using the Pocket Viewer on a contract he’s been desperately trying to convince you to put your John Handcock on. The Pocket Viewer is currently available for $899.99 – not cheap for retirees, but you can’t really put a price on your vision right?

Source: OhGizmo!

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