Nintendo Wii Launch at NYC

by Tiago

Wii Launch Party

The most wanted gaming device (besides PS3 of course) comes from Nintendo and has the peculiar “Wii” name, by the way – it reads wee and not why.

The official Wii launch on US (NYC) is only a few hours/minutes away and there has been a great blogging reportage made by Gizmodo, props to them because that is where I picked up the photo for this post.

So with all the recent Nintendo Wii Launch news, I thought about giving you a resume based on their reports:

  • there is a launch party for this console, it is being held at Times Square in NYC
  • a lot of people are waiting, Gizmodo talks about 1,000 people
  • there are a lot of Wii’s waiting for a new owner too, numbers point to 5,000 units
  • each person on the “waiting line” receives a white Wii bracelet, it is their passport for a Wii. The persons that don’t have a bracelet won’t be able to buy one today
  • among the people waiting on the line, there are 2 special characters (read nintendo freaks). The first-one-on-the-line also known as Triforce has been camped at Times Square for 9 days and if he doesn’t get a Wii, he will probably kick someone’s ass. John is the name of the second character, if you take a look at his photo you will understand why – he is wearing a sweatshirt with old nintendo controls and is even wearing the really old-school power glove
  • during the waiting time the faithful people were able to have some time playing Wii, thanks to the people at Toys ‘R ‘Us for keeping them entertained
  • during the launch party there was suppose to be 2 concerts, but the stage is so badly placed that the first ones on the line can’t see shit anything

Thanks to Gizmodo, check them up for more updates.

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