Luminetx VeinViewer sees through skin


veinviewer.jpgHow many of you big, burly men are willing to face any danger or trial that heads your way, but when it comes to a needle prick, you cower behind the nurse’s skirt no matter how much you want to impress her with your tattoo-laden arm? Sometimes, a bad experience at the hospital or clinic could develop a phobia of needles as an intern fails to find the right vein on your arm, treating you like a pin cushion and venting his frustration on you by being less gentle with each insertion. All this can be a thing of the past now with the VeinViewer from Luminetx.

This unique hospital device uses a combination of near infrared light along with patented technologies that are capable of creating an image of vascular structures. This enables anyone from physicians, nurses, to other healthcare professionals, no matter how nervous or new they are, to clearly see your veins in real time directly on the surface of your skin. Of course, there would still be individuals who have pretty hard-to-find veins even with the help of the VeinViewer, but I believe those are more the exception than the norm.

Luminetx hopes that the VeinViewer will be able to increase the ability for those in the medical industry to deliver more compassionate care, while reducing the levels of stress associated with using multiple sticks for the practitioner, patient, and patient’s family. Remember, the VeinViewer does not discriminate as it does not matter how old you are, your body type, or skin tone. Time Magazine has recognized this unique device as one of the most innovative medical inventions of the year.

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GrimReeper Says: November 17, 2006 at 4:30 am

I to have felt the anger of getting a trainee nurse trying to get blood from me but not knowing where my veins were. She pricked me so many times she had to change arm. That was a painful experience and afterwards I looked like a junkie, Stupid trainee.

Ben K Says: November 17, 2006 at 3:54 pm

Having been a Paramedic, and probably done tens of thousands of “sticks”, I don’t think just seeing the vein will make a huge difference. If you can’t feel the vein, then it can still be hard to extremely hard to hit.

mcewen Says: December 5, 2006 at 7:30 pm

You think fear of needles constitutes a phobia? An irrational fear? Seems pretty rational to me, but then my perspective is probably so warped as to be of no value.

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