A nice place to plug, (and you probably live there)

by Fred

Here’s a great new table by Takafumi Nemoto along the lines of the earlier multipot.plug in table

The really cool thing about this concept is that you can plug in all your electronic devices and then have a place where they look nice as well.

The issue is very important and shocking that more work hasn’t been done on this (I’ve got something brewing in this area myself, look for it before too long!)

By utilizing a better looking location for plugging mobiles, pda’s, ipods, and other electronics, our desks return to looking like,, well desks.

For too long we have been dominated by the horror that is wires, cables, and their evil counterpart, the plug.  Slowly designers have begun to do something about this aspect of our lives.

As more and more items are designed into the way we work, and not simply made to do their job, while ignoring the fact that they must sit their ugly selves somewhere in our actual physical space. Our lives will not simply be easier, but more beautiful as well.

Look for it in the near future at poreoverit where it will be sold.

Thanks MoCoLoCo 

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