Have your own Cryptex!

by Dan

cryptexThe Cryptex is a device that appeared on the novel The Da Vinci Code. Basically it represents a secure vault used to protect secrets, requiring a password to be opened. The novel portraits the object as designed by Leonard Da Vinci himself. Inside the Cryptex one can find a scroll of papyrus wrapped around a vinegar cylinder, which should break down in the case someone attempts to force it.

Sounds cools eh? Well, now you can buy your own personal Cryptex! It is a working replica created by artist Justin Nervins. “A life-long fascination with puzzles and problem-solving games led Nevins to the development of this one-of-a-kind Cryptex Security Box – proving one of his most interesting projects yet and capturing the attention of those here and abroad, who share his insatiable curiosity and appreciation of the quality woods, stones and metals he hand selects for each piece.”

Every Cryptex is customized to fit the customer’s need. You can choose the password, the language that will be displayed on the code rings, the materials and even add special features. The average size of the object is 2,25 cm in diameter and 8 inches in length. Regarding the rings, there is really an incredible variety of materials to choose from, including: white oak, mahogany, purple heart, bloodwood, ebony, cocobolo, holly, or customer specified wood, brass, polished aluminum, and a variety of marbles and granites.

If you are a fan of science fiction or passionated about enigmas and puzzles perhaps you could consider buying it. Notice that I asked whether you are passionated about those things or not because you will need to spend some hundreds of dollars to put your hands on one. The prices start at $500 and can go up as much as $2000 depending on the features and materials you choose.

Reference: Cryptex.org

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