Toy gun that does not maim, kill


zero-blaster.jpgWe all know how paranoid parents are when it comes to purchasing projectile-based toys for their children, as there is always the tiny probability that a child could choke on the projectile or even hurt when the force upon impact causes grievous injury to sensitive body parts like the eyes. The Zero Blaster guarantees not to hurt any child unless he/she willfully takes the toy gun and hit a friend with it. There are no projectiles or bullets to worry about with the Zero Blaster, as it shoots nothing but cool smoke rings – something most smokers would love to be able to do but unable to master.

This product from Zero Toys require some amount of practice before one can shoot beautiful smoke rings. With enough practice put in, you can even shoot huge rings that go up to 12 feet. Having a glow in the dark body makes it all the more fun, and the Zero Blaster will be able to show the smoke rings fired at night courtesy of a blue light. In addition, you get death ray-gun sound which can be turned on or off, but we figure kids being kids will most probably prefer the former as they scamper around the house dispensing smoke shots at each other.

The Zero Blaster uses a safe, non-toxic water-based fluid in order to generate the smoke rings, so you can be sure that your kids won’t grow up to be glue sniffers and upgrade to much harder stuff from there. Additional water-based fluid used for ammunition purposes can be purchased from Zero Toys themselves. The Zero Blaster makes for a great stocking stuffer, and at $19.95 it is extremely affordable.

Source: Ubergizmo

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