Ai MLS – Mobile Living Space

by Tiago

Ai Mobile Living Space

Ai Design is a popular New Yorker design firm that works mainly with vehicles, they make good looking cars and customize them to meet the clients needs, of course that the whole service cost a lot and is only available for the filthy rich people.

One of their latest projects is called MLS – Mobile Living Space – basically it is a very improved version of a Chevrolet cargo van with lots of features and high-tech stuff all over the place.

Inside the Chevy van there is a 6.0-liter V8 engine that (I suppose) has 400 horses of power or maybe more, after all we are talking about a Chevy. Still on the driving specs, there is a four-wheel-drive system provided by Quigley.

Now to the best part, the MLS gains more in luxury details than anything else. Yes, small details count a lot for most people and that is where this Chevy has acquired most part of its positive points, starting with the “how to enter the van” system that has an entry step with lights and is powered by a small motor that makes people go “wow”, or not…

Continuing the deluxe points, the MLS features:

  • higher headroom than normal Chevy vans by 12-inches, this was done by installing a roof extension made of fiberglass
  • mobile satellite TV antenna on the roof
  • Edelman leather seats
  • hardwood floor with laser-engraved details
  • 32-inch LCD monitor
  • aircraft lighting
  • touch panel to control interior aspects
  • monochromatic paint scheme on door handles, bumpers, and other parts
  • built-in stylish wine cooler
  • 2000 watts of AC power to make the most of the sound system
  • customization available to look/work exactly how you want

Check this Ai MLS gallery at Jalopnik with more photos and be amazed with the richy rich power.

[found at WorldCarFans]

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dawiecool Says: February 23, 2009 at 12:07 pm

iam thinking about the price.. must be expensive.
but i love MLS.. what should i do..

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