SD Cards with eInk Displays

Info SD Card
I only vaguely remember the days of floppy disks, you know, those annoyingly large squares that would break at the first sight of a magnet and only held a pitiful 1.5 MB. Now you can get gigabytes of storage in something the size of your thumb, problem is you don’t actually know how much of that storage you’ve used without plugging into a computer. It’s not that hard of a task, but having the current amount of space left always displayed on the drive would be pretty awesome. This technology is already in thumb drives and on its way to SD cards thanks to A DATA.

The Taiwanese company A DATA has announced that come CES 2007 the Info SD card will be released. Each Info SD card will have a tiny display which shows how much room you have left on the card; the display is bi-layer, meaning it needs absolutely no electricity to keep the writing on the screen (the capacity) there, so once the data is put there, it stays there. Capacity is updated once it is inserted into a device.

No pricing details have been announced yet, but I can guarantee you’re going to pay more than you would for an average SD card, but average SD cards don’t come with fancy eInk displays, do they now? This is one thing to look for at this year’s CES, but I’m looking forward even more to the day when this feature is standard, and my SD cards come in terabyte capacities.

[via OhGizmo!]