New pinball machine comes with plasma display


ultra-pin.jpgAny self-respecting arcade operator would have a number of pinball machines as their disposal, as there is just something special about the clanging bells, the shrill rings, and the thrill of watching your points edge closer and closer and eventually overtaking the high score, making you king of the hill until some pimply, pubescent kid comes by, drops in a quarter, and starts ringing up the score at the speed of the entire country’s Walmart cash registers operating simultaneously. Ultra Pin has introduced a new twist to a classic game, using modern technology to bring us digital pinball.

We all know very well that there has been attempts to give gamers the authentic pinball experience through a variety of consoles, including the humble Game Boy to present day consoles. Unfortunately, holding a controller in your hand is a very different experience from standing up and having a go at the ball with a pair of flippers (and the occasional tilt, you cheat). Ultra Pin’s new machine features a lovely 32″ widescreen plasma display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 that replaces the entire table, while your score is shown on a color LCD panel instead of the classic Dot Matrix format.

Currently, Ultra Pin is offering half a dozen of these spanking new tables in a single package, featuring classic pinball games such as Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, F-14 Tomcat, Strikes and Spares, Sorcerer and Xenon. In order to up the realism ante, Ultra Pin has incorporated a Force Feedback System that enables players to bump and tilt the ball to their advantage. A digital amplifier rounds off this impressive machine which will hopefully raise the next generation of pinballers.

Source: Gizmodo

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