Petwatch keeps pet well fed


petwatch.jpgYou know what the drill is like each time there is a major release coming up, be it from the movie theaters (remember Star Wars III and the lines that formed a couple of days before?) or electronic boutiques (the recent release of the PlayStation 3 in Japan comes into mind, with the Nintendo Wii’s release in a few days’ time likely to prove the same ‘dedication’ from hardcore gamers). All this lining up and camping can be fun, but has it ever occurred to you that your pet who does not share your penchant for video games will be half-starved to death by the time you get home with your shiny new console?

Enter the Petwatch Timer from 3B System of Korea. This unique automatic pet food feeder is like no other in the market, as it allows you to show your care and concern for the lonely pet at home in real-time through a wired or wireless network. This means you ought to bring a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP while waiting in line, jump on the relevant WiFi network, connect to it, and see how your pet is doing.

It ships with a remote control, and the Petwatch is capable of serving food within a preset arrangement automatically. Your pet will definitely love you for it as the Petwatch can whip out up to 5 meals a day, ensuring it will not go hungry even for a while. There is a built-in camera in the Petwatch that enables you to keep an eye on your pet, and you can beckon it to the Petwatch through a pre-recorded voice of yourself (dogs respond to this much better than cats though).

Source: AVING

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