Portable Water Checker

by Mike

The Portable Water Checker
People get all worried about the water they drink when they hear reports on the news about lead contamination, bacteria, etc. If you’re not one of those people, but know people that are (and get annoyed when they start talking about water), you can get them their own Water Checker so that they’ll finally shut up. Forcing them to drink bottled water is another idea, but that’s not nearly as cool.

With their portable and pocketable Water Checker, your annoying friends can check any water source they want. That means tap, filtered, mineral, bottled, and well water can all be checked with just the push of a button. Once the water quality is calculated, a facial expression to signify the water quality will appear on the big LCD along with the Total Dissolved Solids which is measured in parts per million. Also on the LCD is the filter life, telling you when you need to replace the probably expensive filter. As if you needed to know, the Water Checker is waterproof because it wouldn’t work to well if it wasn’t ;). Two AAA batteries power the device which also has a power saving mode.

This gadget sounds pretty silly, and it is, but if you’re worried about drinking your own tap water, getting this gadget and running a test will give you some peace of mind (or something to go to the doctor about). Besides, it’s only $10 and it includes its own batteries. Only $10.

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Shatha Says: December 13, 2008 at 1:11 pm


This is Shatha from Kingdomn of Bahrain and would like to order Portable Water Checker to our region. Whats the procedure?

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