Shower, you’re filthy! (but you don’t get all that water)

by Fred

Air ShowerCSIRO you wily dogs. Developing neat stuff for us to stay clean and use less water. What’s next, cars that run on water?! Just checking.

They blokes down there have created a great new showerhead that inserts small air pockets into the water coming down on your little body in the shower. Handy eh?

The most important bit about this shower head, is while it’s inserting air into each drop of water hitting you, it feels no less well, wet. As the surface area impacting your body, and the feel of the drop are much like a “standard drop” you’ll get the complete shower feeling without even noticing the difference.

Well, that’s the idea anyhow.

It’s pretty cool and it uses that wonderful little device that’s in so many really cool things, that’s right, the Venturi tube. According to the team leader Dr Jie Wu, “The nozzle creates a vacuum that sucks in air and forces it into the water stream.”

They expect it to end up costing around 20 Australian Dollars at retail when the technology is commercialized. Let’s hope the license it soon!

Source: CSIRO Australia via digg.

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GrimReeper Says: November 10, 2006 at 1:46 am

This is really cool since I live in Australia and it will be so cheap.

WOOT for Australia!!

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