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isis-ball.jpgThose of you who love puzzle games and like to occupy your time on the tube, bus, or even while waiting for your wife to finish her shopping with a good mind boggling puzzle will definitely fall in love with the ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball. This unique puzzle is claimed to be the hardest puzzle of all time, where cracking the code is nearly impossible to do. I guess than means the traditional Rubik Cube and tons of Sudoku tiles you see everyday are child’s play compared to the ISIS. As an added incentive to get your brain juices flowing, the designers of ISIS have even put up some cold, hard cash for grabs – only if you’re smart and wily enough to break the ISIS code.

This interactive mind puzzle requires the player to open an alloy ball. You’ll have to use all your creative and lateral thinking power amassed throughout your years of puzzle solving in order to open the ball which is made from many layers that are all covered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. As with the proverbial Pyramid and its treasure within, your success will reveal a special key within with a number stamped on it. This key can be used to open one of the ISIS golden pyramids which are hidden throughout the UK. You will then be able to find a gold coin that’s worth a whooping £500 and a bunch of silver coins that can be sold for £20 a pop.

With millions of possible combinations to try out, you are guaranteed to have a headache inducing time. This is a puzzle game that targets serious puzzle connoisseurs only as it retails for £99.95, which is hardly the cheapest puzzle game in the market. I wonder if the key within is physical as it would be easier to just use some tools to break open the ISIS ball (hello, hammer!) and grab that stash.

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Al Says: November 9, 2006 at 3:05 am

That was sounding really cool until I got to the price, £100 is way OTT in my opinion. If it had been £25 that would of been one Christmas present sorted.

Charity Says: December 7, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Nice, just a little to much money for me.

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