ButtKicker Gamer plumbs depths to bring gaming level to new heights


buttkicker.jpgYou know how the gaming experience has evolved since the days of CGA graphics, which moved on to 16 colors in EGA and subsequently 256 colors in VGA, and the color palette just exploded from there. Sound cards were introduced to bring new levels of realism in gaming, followed by surround sound and a subwoofer to capture the effects of the low rumbling of a vehicle or the heavy thud of footsteps. We even have ambient lighting speakers today, but that’s another story for another day. SmartHome is currently selling its ButtKicker Gamer solution at a massively discounted price of $119.99 for gamers to play games with heavy bass that is close to home for the most realistic gaming experience possible.

The ButtKicker Gamer is a low-frequency transducer which can be attached to virtually any home or office chair with a center post. It is compatible with the current generation of consoles including the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube, although there is no word of whether next-gen consoles will be supported. You can also connect the ButtKicker Gamer to digital audio players such as the iPod to experience great heart-pounding sound through the 100-watt power amplifier.

The ButtKicker Gamer fills the niche to provide both accurate low-frequency response and maximum tactile effect. You can now play games with sounds as close to you as possible without cranking up the volume to levels that drive your neighbors up the wall. It can be used without a digital sound card, and works well in 2, 4, or 5.1 speaker systems. One thing bugs me though – how many of you actually play console games while seated on an office chair? I think most people will just sink their bottoms onto a comfortable sofa and start blasting away.

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