Pictures meet locations, an industrial strength tool for the rest of us

by Fred

You know you’ve always wanted to tag each and every picture you have in a seamless way with the gps location of wherever you took it. Well now you can, in a fairly seamless way.

Today Trimble Navigation rolled out their new collaboration with Fotonation and Nikon Cameras to bring you a way to do just that.

With the help of a laptop and a G.P.S. receiver (it’s not totally seamless yet, but remember these are for high resolution industrial level pictures (think GIS modeling (or the ability to make maps from pictures)).

It’s a rather fancy system, but it does what nothing else to this point has which is to link real G.P.S. data to G.I.S. mapping software in a meaningful manner.

We can’t wait for this to trickle down for us, but in the mean time, industrial level users will be using this to make their custom Google Earth maps simply amazing, and every so often we’ll be lucky enough to see the fantastic results.

Oh yeah, and if you don’t have the latest Google Earth, go get it, you’re out of excuses!!!

Source: GISuser

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