Official 007 Laptop

by Fred

Bond Laptop

My name is Bond, $3900 dollars less in the pocket for a cool looking but slow computer Bond.

You’ve got baddies to deal with.

You’ve got a car that costs as much as some people’s home.

You’re now blond, and you must find a way to send an email and look super cool doing it, probably while upside down.

Well, Sony in their ridiculous licensing wisdom decided to make what we desperately want anyway, James Bond’s computer. While it’s unlikely that you will be able to hack the terrorist cell from your swanky hotel room in Monaco (make sure to have a view for the race). You’ll need to remember that you’re only running Xp Pro, not some crazy ubergeek/spy linux box strapped to your wrist now Mr. Bond, so you be careful and run lots of spyware checks! (wow, that was a horrifying pun!)

Found first on Uncrate, available from Sony

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