Bright Screen Outdoor LCD TV

by Mike

Outdoor LCD TV
Sure, the Outdoor Theatre Kit is a pretty sweet way to watch movies outside, but it’s out of most peoples’ price range. For the general public, there’s the Bright Screen Outdoor LCD TV. It’s still not cheap by any means, but in comparison to the Outdoor Theatre Kit, it’s a bargain and can withstand all sorts of conditions.

At a glance, this TV really isn’t that compelling, especially with the meager 20″ screen. However, once you know all the specs and features, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. First off, it can handle pretty much everything – from rain, dirt, insects, wind, snow, and other harsh outdoor conditions. If you’ve ever tried using a phone, or other electronic device in direct sunlight, you know that getting a good viewing angle is pretty much impossible. You won’t have any of those problems with this one though because of the 1000 nit screen, which simply means its brighter than most LCD TVs on the market. Actual picture is pretty important too, and even if the TV itself works, its no good if the screen is all scratched up. Don’t worry, the scratch-resistant and contrast-enhancing window will keep the screen safe.

To handle water, the Outdoor LCD TV has a couple of specialties you won’t find in any other TV. A dual air flow system keeps all the TV components dry, and the watertight housing will keep all cables dry, making it safe to hook up a DVD player or cable box. There’s even a heater built in that maintains a proper temperature even if it’s as cold as -24 F outside.

Get those wallets out because your Bright Screen Outdoor LCD TV will cost $3,000.

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