Protect your gadgets with DataDots

by Mike

As gadget lovers, we tend to amass hundreds, probably thousands, of dollars worth of electronics that we carry around with ourselves, in our cars, or anywhere else we go. Problem is, when you lose an iPod, phone, or laptop, you tend to get kinda bummed, especially when you realize you just lost a expensive gadget you probably won’t see again. Well, DataDot is trying to give you a bit of hope if you ever misplace that laptop.

DataDot’s “microdots” are tiny little dots you place all over your gadgetry. Sure, these things, being the size of a grain of sand, won’t exactly stop thieves, but if the police ever find your gadgets, you can easily claim it as yours. How exactly does one go about doing this? With black light of course, as DataDot’s are completely visible under it. Simply provide your unique DataDot number, which you register for at their website, and the police will compare it to the on the gadgets.

Each DataDot kit comes with 400 “microdots”, so there’s plenty of extras in case you want to stick multiple on your gadgets – maybe one the inside case, the battery, screen, etc. You’ll probably have extra of the extras that you can either place on other people, or other peoples’ gadgets.

DataDot is currently available only in retail stores in Austraila, but many online retailers are selling them and will ship worldwide, just check Froogle. At $25 a pack, DataDot doesn’t really provide a real safeguard, just some peace of mind for someone who spends hundreds on gadgets every year.

Product Page [via SCI FI Tech]

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