MojoPac: Take your applications with you anywhere

by Mike

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Taking applications that you use everyday – like AIM, Photoshop, MSN, and iTunes – has never really been an easy to thing to do, until MojoPac at least. With the MojoPac software, you have the power to turn any USB 2.0 device – thumb drives, hard drives, even your iPod – into your personal MojoPac PC with all of your applications.

MojoPac is some pretty advanced software, and that fact that it lets you create a virtual computer that you can take anywhere, including all your applications and preferences, is pretty amazing. Still, this is software isn’t 100% bug-free and you will experience some odd behavior and crashes, but for the most part, it works well.

Security conscious people will love MojoPac, too, because no matter what computer you use your MojoPac PC on, it will leave absolutely no traces of your activity. That means no one can see your applications, browser history, or anything else about your computer usage.

MojoPac is currently a Windows XP only product. The price is $25, however in a few weeks that will jump up to $50, which seems pricey, but for someone who travels a lot and wants to keep their applications and preferences with them, it’s a good solution that has never been available before. Downloads, support, and general information can be found on the MojoPac website.

Anyone interested in learning more about the technical details of MojoPac, the security behind it, and pretty much anything else you need to know about it, including its caveats, should check out episode 63 of Security Now!

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