Ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center brings green initiative home


ecopod-e1.jpgThe world’s getting warmer with all the gas guzzlers that are sitting in our garage, so why not bring some recycling initiative home with the Ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center in order to ease the load on Mother Nature? Designed by BMW Designworks, the Ecopod looks like a high-tech waste bin but it is actually a pretty simple device by itself. This Home Recycling Center enables you to dispose of an aluminum can or plastic bottle through the top opening, where stepping on the step at the bottom will compact the recently disposed trash into a more manageable size.

There are also three separate, removable bins inside the Ecopod e1 itself which are used for separate items such as glass, paper, and other recyclable items. This makes it easier to manage your trash, and is a great help when it comes to differentiating the type of trash at the waste center. The Ecopod e1 costs quite a fair bit though – for $328 you get a 31″ x 16″ x 21″ appliance that weighs approximately 50 pounds.

Is the $328 worth forking out for something that crushes plastic bottles and tin cans on your behalf with separate compartments for different trash? Some people beg to differ, as it takes very little effort to crush an aluminum can, while the more cost effective method for separating your trash would be having three differently-labeled waste bins in your home. Do take not of several drawbacks though – the Ecopod e1 does not work with common iterations of 2 litre, 1 litre, and 24 ounce plastic bottles. The ball is basically in the consumer’s court. Any opinions on whether this will work?

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anonimo Says: December 13, 2006 at 6:51 am

Pero quién coño traduce esto? Por dios…

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