Brookstone’s Heated Clothing

Brookstone's Heated Fleece
All sorts of companies are coming out with jackets especially designed for your iPod or other MP3 players, but wouldn’t you rather have a heated jacket? I sure would, besides, it’s not that hard to reach into your pocket to change the song or adjust the volume.

Brookstone has come out with a few different types of heated clothing, from cargo pants, to vests, to fleeces. A quick glance at any of these products wouldn’t make you think that heaters built in; they actually look like any normal pair of pants or jacket.

Each item of clothing has different heat zones. For the jackets, there are two for the chest, and one for the back. The cargo pants have only two heat zones, lower back, or the butt, and my favorite, the pockets. With all three pieces of clothing, you get the miniscule remote which can adjust each of three/two temperature zones so that you get just the right temperature to keep you all toasty.

All the clothing is designed to be unisex, but I don’t see any women rushing out to get a pair of the cargo pants. You’d be crazy not to want a heated fleece though; imagine having it during those below freezing football games. Sizes are all men’s, and range from small to extra large. Size charts are available on the product page.

A bit of a premium, well a lot actually, is added to the heated line of clothing from Brookstone, but heated pants and jackets are worth a lot to people. Both the pants and the vest are $150, while the full fleece is $180.

Product Page

3 thoughts on “Brookstone’s Heated Clothing”

  1. After compare several model(s) in the market. I decided this one is the one to get from the spec & design (some of the other ones out there are just simply terriable.) The item was on backorder for a while; appreantly, it’s quite popoular before Christmas. I got mine after the holidays and was very impressed with the sleek controller and design. The sizing fit a little big thou.

  2. I was going to get another heated vest from Brookstone for myself; however, this year’s design they seemed to switch supplier or something. The unit doesn’t have the same features as last year even thought the pricing is the same as the one I bought for my wife last year. I am going to pass on this version look around to see if I can find it from another site.

  3. Brookstone stop selling heated clothing last year. I’ve found the original supplier +VENTURE HEAT and bought their newest heated jacket. I am quite happy with the performance.

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