Trust WiFi Hot Spot Finder

by Tiago

Trust WiFi Hot Spot Finder

We have already mentioned a similar cool gadget as the Trust WiFi spot finder, it was back on February and it was called the TrendNet – besides finding hot spots it also worked as a wireless USB adaptor so it could recharge itself. While the Trust does not have that recharge capability, it has other valuable details like being cheaper.

  • The story:
  • Most people that use laptops on the wild outdoors environment like to be connected to the internet by using WiFi hot spots, but in order to know the existence of a hot spot they have to use the laptop – first remove from the case and than turn it on. For some people this can be considered a lot of work, and if after all the work there is no hot spot, it is a shituation (read a shit + situation).

  • The good part:

  • With the Trust WiFi hot spot finder you can forget about having all that trouble with the laptop. The small device can find hot spots and with a touch of a button you will get to know if there are any within 150 meters. Information about the signal strength is also displayed by using five indicators. It works with the normal 802.11b and 802.11g wireless protocols, and at the same time it searches for those 2 signals, it also ignores the ones coming from cellphones/bluetooth devices and others that can create interference.

    It is small, light and can be used as a key chain.

  • The bad part:

It works with 2 lithium batteries, there is no way to recharge like the previous same-kind-gadget TrendNet that could do this via USB.

Price: £19 (close to $26)
At: GadgetHub

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