Dogs minus the maintenance


street-muttz.jpgHow many of us like the idea of having our very own dog, and yet do not want to carry out maintenance tasks like bathing it, walking the mutt, playing catch (strange how a frisbee can have such a stranglehold on a dog’s attention), and cleaning up after it’s poop while doing the neighborhood rounds? All that is now possible with the Interactive Street Muttz that look extremely adorable with round,black eyes and an expression that is guaranteed to melt even the most stone cold heart.

The Interactive Street Muttz consists of five different breeds (designs), and all of them boast long, flowing locks of fur which require you to brush in order to keep them shiny and well-groomed. These electronic pets might not be able to fetch you the papers in the morning or help keep burglars out, but they sure are able to capture your heart with a variety of sounds such as whimpering, happy panting, soft whines, snoring, playful growling, playful barking, and even a waking up noise (I never knew there was such a noise – I suppose it is like us humans arising from our slumber with a loud yawn and a long stretch).

These cute little pups come with built-in motion sensors, and should you tug it at it’s nose, it will even emit a low growl due to the virtual discomfort you’re causing it! They do nothing but sit around all day, but at least there is no need for you to keep track of it! Measuring a very portable 27cm x 25cm x 16cm, the Interactive Street Muttz cost £19.95 each and comes with the necessary adoption papers, an instruction manual, a 6 month warranty, and a trio of AA batteries to power it. At least you save on the vaccination shots and food in the long run.

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