A4Tech’s Battery Free Wireless Mouse

by Mike

A4Tech's Battery-free Wireless Mouse
The only catch with modern day wireless mice is that you need to have some sort of battery, which means you either have to remember to charge it, or remember to buy extra batteries. Both are hassles. Not anymore though, because A4Tech has come out with a battery-free wireless mouse. And it actually works, although there is a catch.

What is that catch you say? Well, the functionality must first be explained: how exactly does this mouse get its power? With a few magical chants and waves, coupled with the powers of electromagnetic induction, this thing is able to get its power from its special USB mousepad. There lies the problem, in order for the mouse to work, it must be on the mousepad, otherwise you’re out of luck. Having to carry around the special mousepad everywhere you want to use this mouse makes portability an issue, but for your home, it’s great.

Because this mouse needs no batteries, it’s pretty much the lightest wireless mouse you’ll find on the market today. Chances are, you wouldn’t even be able to guess it was wireless. Other than that, the features are standard: 800 dpi resolution, scroll wheel, and the essential left/right buttons.

Those lucky Koreans, they’re always getting the cool gadgets before us, and that’s if those gadgets ever end up here in the first place. Yep, A4Tech’s battery free wireless mouse is a Korea-only product right now, and in case you wanted to know, it costs about $20.

[via Uber Gizmo]

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eol Says: November 13, 2006 at 3:25 am

Actually for some time it is available in eastern Europe too (I have one).

Egosan Says: January 11, 2007 at 5:55 am

What is the Pint of it? You have a wireless mouse so that there are no Wires cluttering up the place, but as the mousepad has the cable attached I don’t realy see the pint in having this mouse in the first place. But ey, maybe im just not Gadget mad enough.

luciano Says: August 5, 2007 at 6:22 pm

errr… Egosan
we don’t want cables attached to the mouse
the pad makes no problem
you don’t manipulate the pad
the cable results insignificant, is like a monitor, a scanner or any-other-peripheral-except-mouses: you put it in its place and voilá. it’s supposed to stand certainly there.

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