Logitech Alto makes notebook usage more comfy


logitech-alto.jpgSome people have moved on to the world of notebooks without ever wanting to return to desktops ever again, citing portable productivity as their main reason. With notebooks encroaching on desktop territory in homes and offices worldwide, Logitech has seen the need for a peripheral that will provide a much more comfortable notebook user experience with the Alto, a one-piece notebook riser which features an integrated, full-sized keyboard, bringing the notebook screen level with the user’s eyes while removing the cons of typing on a cramped notebook keyboard.

The Logitech Alto opens up like a book to reveal its keyboard and angled platform where the notebook is placed. I wonder if the platform should come with some kind of cooling device to keep everything cool when running – perhaps that is yet another accessory which Logitech could embark on. Setting up the Alto is extremely easy and fast, taking under half a minute to do so. Storing it on-the-fly is even easier, all you need to do is to collapse the stand, fold the Alto in half, and tuck it away – automatically transforming it into a travel friendly 9.33″ x 16.84″ x 1.41″ dimension.

The Alto also comes with a soft palm rest at the base of the keyboard to prevent long term RSI injury to users. You can pair up the Alto with a Logitech VX Revolution cordless laser mouse for a total wireless experience. Since the Alto is not a docking station, it is compatible with a wide range of notebook brands. Just make sure that your notebook is not one of those heavy duty types as the Alto’s hinge can only support a maximum weight of 9 pounds. You can pick up the Alto for the recommended retail price of $99.99 in Europe this December, while those living Stateside will have to wait until January.

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